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Do you or a loved one snore? Experience daytime sleepiness? Or not happy with CPAP? If so, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a medical condition that affects over 18 Million Americans. Untreated Sleep Apnea can significantly increase risk of heart failure, stroke, diabetes and more.

Fortunately, an experienced dentist may be able to treat you with a ProSomnus Oral Appliance, a small, comfortable, and effective FDA-cleared medical device that is covered by most medical insurances. Enter your zip code in our Find-a-Dentist Search Engine to locate an experienced dentist near you.

See the difference a ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device can make for you!

  • Absolutely no metal in the ProSomnus [IA], ProSomnus [IA] SELECT or ProSomnus MicrO2® Sleep Devices
  • A smoother, more comfortable surface
  • Up to 22% more strength in every direction
  • 30% less overall volume
  • 33% less mouth opening required
  • Better airway protection
  • 3.6x fewer monomers and residual methyl methacrylate for better taste, lowered toxicity, and decreased possibility of allergic reaction
  • Less or no tooth movement for improved comfort and accuracy
  • The longest warranty available – up to three years
  • 2x faster turnaround time

To find a ProSomnus Sleep Dentist near you, just enter your zip code or town into the search bar above.

Visit our website to find out more about ProSomnus Sleep Technologies and the ProSomnus Sleep and Snore Device. Read more now

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